The Current State of the Dutch Windmill

If you are in Golden Gate Park on a special occasion, perhaps a movie shoot, you just might be lucky enough to see the Dutch Windmill spinning gloriously in the wind. But probably not. Rusted

Though the exterior looks in good condition, once again decay and neglect are undermining the intergrity of the windmill. The deck circling the mill is so eroded that it is unsafe for people stand on or underneath. The gears are rusted, doors are unhinged, and its interior is now used for some light storage of plants and random items like hubcaps.

Being an historic icon of San Francisco, instead of letting it succumb to the elements, perhaps the city, a local museum, society, or even another Eleanor Crabtree will come and restore the windmill to its original state so it can be cherished by San Franciscians and those who come here to visit for years to come.

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