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"We had 5,000 men in a 4,000 foot canyon. The problem was to set up the right sequence of jobs so they wouldn't kill each other off." -Frank T. Crowe, Superintendent of the construction of Hoover Dam

The Site's Virtual Studio
A multi-user 3D chat space for ZDTV's hi-tech cable program, The Site. You will need a Traveler browser from Onlive! Technologies to visit this world.

Interactive Knowledge
The website for Interactive Knowledge, a company specializing in interface design for science and education.

The Euclid Project
A demonstration of the construction of the five Platonic Solids from Euclid's Elements.

Bacteriophage T4
A site concerning the characteristics of the T4 virus and how it infects their unsupecting hosts.

San Francisco's Dutch Windmill: A History
An educational site about the Dutch Windmill in San Francisco, which suppled the water for the creation of Golden Gate Park.

A gallery of various odds and ends we have created during our exploration and construction of cyberspace. See whizzing spheres, televisions, and things that defy description...

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