You can navigate through the site using the navigation bar above(for those without frames capability, the navigation bar is located at the top of each propostion). Each solid takes you to the corresponding proof. The image of Book I, Propostion I of the Elements on the far left hand side will return you to the homepage.

Each line number in a proof is a button that will display the corresponding geometry when pressed. The links in the text refer to earlier proofs in Euclid's Elements from David Joyce's excellent Euclid site. They are launched in a separate browser, so that you may compare between proofs and gain a better understanding of them and how they interrelate.

Each model is color coded for easier comprehension. The key is as follows:

Blue: Passive;not being mentioned in the text
Orange: Active;being used in the text
Green: Special Construction; used to describe angles, semicircles, and spheres

Different browsers might render different colors than those above, but, of course, the relationship remains the same.

To optimize the viewing and going through of the propostions, we suggest the following: