General How-To VRML to MAX Conversion

There are several key things to consider about VRML when constructing your MAX file:
You want to make your file able to be rendered in real time on an average users machine.A maximum of 3000 in your scene is a good limit. You can get creative with the number of polygons by implementing Anchors and LOD's .
You can do any type of transform or "morphing" animation with the 2.0 exporter. Transform animation (translation, rotation and scale) tend to be lighter on files. "Morphing" or Coordinate Interpolation produces larger files because each vertex must be accounted for. Use sparingly.
You add materials as you normally would in MAX. "Wire" materials will export as Indexed Line Sets.
Texture Maps
VRML will accept .gifs and .jpegs as texture maps. Texture maps also tend to produce large files. Use sparingly.
MAX will export lighting to VRML.
At least one camera in your file is necessary. Create an "entry view" for every file so that your models will load in view and you wont have to hunt around for them. Cameras are exported as Viewpoints in VRML. The name you give the camera is what your Viewpoint will be called in the VRML file. Users can navigate through viewpoints in a file, moving from one to another.

The basic steps for creating a VRML file in Max:

Exporter Dialogue Box: