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"Give me a place to stand on and I can move the earth." -Archimedes

Archimedes(c.287-212 B.C.) was a Greek scientist, mathematician, inventor, and engineer. His accomplishments included the water-screw, by which water could be drawn from the Nile for irrigation, the mathematical text On Spirals, and various engines of war. When asked by King Hiero to discover whether a goldsmith had alloyed the gold of his crown with silver, Archimedes found the answer while taking a bath by considering the water displaced by his own body. In his excitement at the discovery, legend has it that he jumped up and ran home naked, shouting, "Eureka" (I have found it).

It is here that dFORM posts its own discoveries in hopes to instill a sense of wonder and excitement that are the heart of any scientific and educational endeavour.

The Sperm Whale Project
An excellent website about a project to salvage and rebuild the skeletal remains of a sperm whale.
Digital biology visualized in VRML 2.0. Smokin'.
Search for Past Life on Mars: Possible Relic Biogenic Activity in Martian Meteorite ALH84001
The complete text of what could be one of the most stunning discoveries in history.
Engines of Creation: The Coming Era Of Nanotechnology
The complete text of the classic work by K. Eric Drexler
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
Images from deep space, including black holes and colliding galaxies.
Virtual Genetic Library
Pick from a wide array of gene databases such as cattle, plants, mosqutioes, and yes, homo sapiens.

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